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  • A fold-up letter from the Letters from Fairyland edition, The Folio Society 2020

    This Folio Life: Letters from lockdown

    We are so pleased to bring Charles van Sandwyk’s charming fairy letters to life in two beautiful Folio editions. It was a challenging project in terms of book production, with the journey to finished copies made even more complex due to working under the restrictions of COVID-19.

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  • Detail of the front cover tiger illustration for Sharpe's Tiger, The Folio Society

    This Folio Life: Getting the details right in Sharpe

    Douglas Smith has created a series of action-packed illustrations for Sharpe’s Tiger that convey the drama and spirit of Bernard Cornwell’s novels. Much research was undertaken to ensure that the important period details are correct, and here the artist shows how he developed his artwork from roughs to finals.

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  • A History of Christianity book spines, The Folio Society 2020

    This Folio Life: Using beautiful typography to chart A History of Christianity

    Creating a successful book cover or binding design presents different challenges for each edition. When faced with a monumental book like Diarmaid MacCulloch’s A History of Christianity, the question was how to represent such a vast stretch of time, over a vast area of the globe. From editor to picture researcher to art director, the team here explain how they solved this particular tricky task.

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