Which Marvel Hero would you invite for the holidays?

Depending on your family traditions and the extent of your invites, festive dinners can either be a raucous free-for-all or a calm culinary extravaganza. But whatever the scene, every dining table would be livened up with a Marvel Super Hero. 

From extraordinary strength to healing potions and a magic hammer, scroll down to discover who could be tucking into turkey at your house this year.





He’s got some incredible stories to share, but will he sit quietly and tuck into the sprouts or start scaling the walls before the starters are even cleared? At least he won’t ask for seconds; that Spider Suit is very unforgiving.



The Hulk



As the strongest Super Hero of them all, the Hulk gets bigger as his anger grows, so make sure you don’t keep him waiting for dinner. You should also leave plenty of space to accommodate his expanding girth … or consider eating al fresco.



Black Panther



Holiday dinner are the ultimate tests of organisational skills and T’Challa’s tactical mind will ensure the turkey is timed to perfection. He’s also incredibly intelligent, so table talk will be slick rather than slurred. 



Captain America



Swap gravy for Captain America’s health-giving Super-Soldier Serum and you’ll have a day to remember. But watch out, as this Super Hero’s enhanced reaction time means he’ll win every round of charades and even swipe the last roast potato. 






Do you need any home improvements over the holidays? If so, Thor should be on your guest list. His enchanted hammer Mjolnir, combined with his superhuman strength, will make mincemeat of makeovers. 



Doctor Strange



Invite the Master of the Mystic Arts and he’ll cast a calming spell over the dinner table. His ability to create shields and barriers could also prove handy for any guests who overindulge in sherry. 



The Avengers



If you’ve gone overboard with the groceries  and really don’t fancy turkey leftovers for the next two weeks, why not make your festive dinner a bigger affair and extend the invite to all the Avengers