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  • Easter gifts: Folio Books with a Spring Palette

    When you’re shopping for Easter treats it’s all too easy to head directly to the shelves piled high with chocolate eggs. But how about moving away from edible presents and choosing something lasting this year? We’ve selected some of our favourite books that have something of spring about them, whether that’s the colour of the binding or the nature themes inside; these are editions that will satisfy literary – rather than chocolate – cravings.

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  • Meet the Folio Book Illustration Award judges

    The Folio Book Illustration Award offers the opportunity for aspiring and established illustrators to provide one piece of artwork in response to The Fliers of Gy. Meet the judges who will be choosing the five runners-up and the overall FBIA winner.

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  • This Folio Life: Katherine Harloe on The Peloponnesian War

    In this extract from the exclusive introduction to the Folio limited edition, Professor of Classics and Intellectual History, and Director of the Institute of Classical Studies, Katherine Harloe reflects on why ‘in this age of populist politics, plague and war, The Peloponnesian War still offers much material for reflection’.

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