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  1. Rubicon


    Tom Holland


    A gripping account of the twilight of the Roman Republic and its bloody transformation into empire; the story of Caesar’s generation, thrillingly told.

  2. The Last White Rose

    The Last White Rose

    Desmond Seward

    Was £44.95 Now £11.20

    In his sequel to the best-selling The Wars of the Roses, Desmond Seward reveals the secret conflict that continued throughout the reigns of both Henry VII and Henry VIII.

  3. The Gastronomical Me

    The Gastronomical Me

    M. F. K. Fisher

    Was £39.95 Now £9.95

    The food memoir that inspired a new way of thinking about what we eat and how we live. Illustrated with 12 pages of black and white photographs chronicling the author’s remarkable life.

  4. Greek Science

    Greek Science

    G. E. R. Lloyd

    Illustrated by Adam Simpson


    G. E. R. Lloyd traces the birth of science from Thales to Galen. A new foreword by Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor at University College London, pays tribute to the Ancient Greeks and to Lloyd’s exploration of their fundamental role.

  5. Dickens’ London

    Dickens’ London

    Charles Dickens

    Illustrated by George Cruikshank


    This selection of celebrated essays by Charles Dickens conjures up a peerless, eyewitness account of the 19th-century capital, from the rarefied world of Whitehall to working-class conviviality and blighted slums. 

  6. The Consolation of Philosophy

    Boethius’ incredible presence of mind enabled him to produce this work of genius while he awaited execution on a false charge of treason. For many years the most popular book in Europe next to the Bible, its relevance endures.

  7. The Prince in Splendour

    The Prince in Splendour

    Richard Barber

    Was £42.95 Now £21.45

    In this fascinating study, historian Richard Barber examines the elaborate pomp and ceremony of the medieval court festival, revealing as he does so its wider cultural and political importance. This volume is published exclusively by The Folio Society.

  8. The House of Borgia

    The House of Borgia

    Christopher Hibbert


    Nepotism, murder and debauchery abound in this gripping portrait of a family that bribed their way to power in Renaissance Italy. The first illustrated edition, this is designed in series with Hibbert’s The Rise and Fall of the House of Medici.

  9. The Book of Common Prayer

    A magnificent facsimile edition of a religious and literary classic. Next to the authorised version of the King James Bible and the plays of William Shakespeare, it is among the most widely read and influential of English literary works.

  10. Big Chief Elizabeth

    Big Chief Elizabeth

    Giles Milton

    Was £44.95 Now £22.45

    Greed, romance and desperation abound in Giles Milton’s exploration of the colonial enterprise that paved the way to the United States of America. At the book’s heart lies the vanishing of the 1587 settlement on Roanoke Island, whose 115 inhabitants met with a grisly end.

  11. The World at Night

    The World at Night

    Babak Tafreshi


    The full beauty of our night sky is revealed in over 200 photographs from around the world, from the photography of international organisation, The World at Night. Published by White Lion.

  12. Bowie by O'Neill

    Bowie by O'Neill

    Terry O'Neill


    An incredible collection of more than 500 photographs of David Bowie, shot by celebrated photographer Terry O’Neill, and including many previously unpublished images. Published by Octopus Publishing Group.

  13. Vienna 1900 Complete

    Vienna 1900 Complete

    Christian Brandstätter, Daniela Gregori and Rainer Metzger


    Vienna 1900 Complete brings together almost 1,000 images representing the richness of the visual arts in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century. 

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