The Diversity of Life

Edward O. Wilson
Foreword by Bill McKibben
Preface by the author

Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist Edward O. Wilson’s classic account of evolution and biodiversity remains as relevant as when first published in 1992. The Folio edition of The Diversity of Life features wonderful colour wildlife images and a foreword by Bill McKibben.

‘To say that Edward O. Wilson has served as a prophet is a serious understatement. He is one of the most distinctive and necessary voices of our time on earth’ 

  1. From the foreword 

Edward O. Wilson, one of the world’s greatest naturalists, takes us on a tour through time, from life’s earliest beginnings to the current crisis of human-driven extinction. He leads us through the natural world, explaining how species evolve, adapt and colonise to create the astonishing variety of plants and creatures we see around us. Wilson writes with passion about the beauty and science of nature – from flycatchers to great white sharks, from rainforests to deep ocean trenches – and shows us why the threat to biodiversity today is beyond the scope of anything we have known before. He identifies the crisis in countless ecosystems around the globe – coral reefs, grasslands, polar icecaps and other habitats – and presents a brilliant strategy for halting the extinction of the world’s species.

Bound in soft-touch laminated paper printed and blocked in iridescent foil with a design by Jamie Keenan

Set in FreightText

448 pages

24 pages of colour plates and 47 integrated black & white illustrations

Textured paper endpapers and slipcase

9½˝ x 6¼˝  

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