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  • This Folio Life: Bringing The Neverending Story to life

    Artist Marie-Alice Harel had always wanted to illustrate The Neverending Story. So, when the commission came up to illustrate the Folio edition, she knew she had to do it – despite her ever-increasing workload! In this blog, Harel explores her inspiration and process illustrating Michael Ende’s magical story.

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  • This Folio Life: Meeting the Strugatsky Brothers

    In this blog, Former Publisher of Orion Publishing Group and Chair of Gollancz, Malcolm Edwards, tells the fascinating story of meeting Arkady and Boris Strugatsky at the 1987 World Science Fiction convention in Brighton, on their last trip outside of Russia.

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  • Easter gifts: Folio Books with a Spring Palette

    When you’re shopping for Easter treats it’s all too easy to head directly to the shelves piled high with chocolate eggs. But how about moving away from edible presents and choosing something lasting this year? We’ve selected some of our favourite books that have something of spring about them, whether that’s the colour of the binding or the nature themes inside; these are editions that will satisfy literary – rather than chocolate – cravings.

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  • Meet the Folio Book Illustration Award judges

    The Folio Book Illustration Award offers the opportunity for aspiring and established illustrators to provide one piece of artwork in response to The Fliers of Gy. Meet the judges who will be choosing the five runners-up and the overall FBIA winner.

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