Landing with the force of an experimental gamma bomb, Hulk will blast you off your feet. Following Captain America and Spider-Man, this third volume in Folio’s exclusive Marvel Heroes series celebrates the 60th anniversary of the green-skinned goliath. Inside, you’ll find a complete replica of the character’s debut comic book, 1962’s The Incredible Hulk #1, along with 12 more landmark tales from the Hulk’s 60 rampage. Selected by multi-award-winning former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas and scanned directly from original comic books, these tales cover an eye-opening variety of themes. You’ll witness Hulk’s (literally) earth-shattering battles with the Sub-Mariner and debut Super Villain the Wendigo, as well as visionary confrontations with Hulk’s evermore diverse array of alter egos. Including work by Hulk co-creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, alongside several contemporary Marvel masters, this heavyweight hardback comes bursting out of a glorious green slipcase designed by British Marvel artist Jim Cheung. His slipcase comes with the Hulk’s fist icon pounded onto the cover, while the book’s binding and endpapers feature Cheung’s staggering original art.

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Spider-Senses everywhere have been tingling in anticipation of this second volume in Folio’s acclaimed ‘Marvel Heroes’ series. The amazing Spider-Man collects twelve momentous tales of web-slinging action. Also included is a complete replica of The Amazing Spider-Man #1, created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Following Folio’s Captain America, this dazzling edition presents an exclusive portrait of an iconic Super Hero. And who better to curate and introduce this collection than former Marvel editor Roy Thomas? Thomas selects archetypal stories from almost sixty years of crime-fighting adventure. You’ll discover the debuts of Doctor Octopus and Venom, as well as Peter Parker’s first encounter with his young successor, Miles Morales. This hardback edition comes sheathed in a beautiful blue-and-red slipcase stamped with Spidey’s iconic sigil, while the cover features original artwork by Marcos Martín, the multiple-award-winning Marvel artist famed for his work on Spider-Man.

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Captain America

Commence an exclusive journey with Folio and Marvel Comics, celebrating the 80th anniversary of a truly flagship Super Hero. The first in a new series, Captain America collects ten star-spangled tales in one spectacular hardback edition. This ultimate comic-book chronicle of the Sentinel of Liberty also features a perfect replica issue of 1941’s Captain America Comics #1. Former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Roy Thomas selects key stories from Cap’s 80-year career – from wartime battles with the Red Skull to his Reagan-era resignation – presenting the ultimate portrait of Marvel’s shield-slinging Super HeroAward-winning Marvel illustrator Michael Cho provides inspiring cover art of Cap himself in glorious red, white and blue, as well as a sapphire slipcase design stamped with the Super Hero’s iconic shield emblem. With an authoritative introduction by Thomas, Captain America offers an unrivalled view of one of the most enduring characters in American comic books. 

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Marvel: The Bronze Age 1970-1980

'What you’ve been waiting for! This one’s got it all!'

Concluding a stunning trilogy from The Folio Society, this exclusive collector’s edition showcases the most dramatic decade in Super Hero history. Curated by Roy Thomas, Marvel: The Bronze Age 1970–1980 also includes a preface by iconic X-Men writer Chris Claremont.

Collected here are fifteen of the decade’s most shocking, most controversial comic book tales. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers and Black Panther undergo their darkest adventures yet, alongside tales of a diverse new generation including Luke Cage, The Eternals and Howard the Duck.

Artist Ian Jepson provides a dazzling yellow cover design ravaged by Wolverine’s iconic clawmarks, while Marvel artist Julian Totino Tedesco provides a dynamic exclusive art print and a gorgeous mosaic of panels adorning the endpapers and presentation box. This collection features our most ambitious facsimile comic yet: a whopping 68-page scale reproduction of Giant-Size X-Men #1 first published in 1975.

© 2020 MARVEL


Marvel: The Silver Age 1960-1970

Over thirty iconic characters! Fifteen groundbreaking tales! One explosive edition! Marvel: The Silver Age 1960–1970 is The Folio Society’s second collaboration with Marvel Comics. This lavish hardback edition collects the defining stories of over thirty revolutionary characters, including Iron Man, the Hulk and the X-Men. 

Throughout these tales, the artwork by legends such as ‘King of Comics’ Jack Kirby and Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko has lost none of its vitality. Readers old and new alike will be sent hurtling through the spaceways with the Silver Surfer and swooping through the streets of New York with Spider-Man.

These landmark tales are bound within a bold cover designed by celebrated typographer Ian Jepson. Award-winning Daredevil artist Paolo Rivera has created gorgeous artwork for a digitally signed print, as well as the book’s endpapers and luxury presentation box. Inside, you’ll also find a meticulous facsimile of The Fantastic Four#1, the comic that launched Marvel into the modern age.

© 2020 MARVEL

Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949

Five Marvel milestones! Three sovereign super heroes! One exclusive collection! Including a facsimile of the extremely rare Marvel Comics #1! Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949 marks a terrific team-up between The Folio Society and Marvel Comics.

Discover the origin story of Marvel Comics. Meet the wartime Super Heroes who built the Marvel Universe. As part of this special collaboration with The Folio Society, legendary Marvel editor Roy Thomas has curated five milestone comic books – including a unique facsimile of Marvel Comics #1 – all painstakingly reproduced and collected with an exclusive digitally signed print.

‘This book is every Marvelite’s dream come true – a heaping handful of the stories that heralded and celebrated the Marvel Age of Comics, reproduced in full color in the most faithful way possible! I’m just proud to have been a part of it all!’

Roy Thomas

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