Eagle Against the Sun

The American War with Japan
Ronald H. Spector
Foreword by Paul Kennedy

Featuring a new foreword and maps, Eagle Against the Sun is Ronald H. Spector’s definitive history of World War Two in the Pacific, from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They came in from the north over the blue-green hills of Kahuku. In steady waves, 181 Japanese fighters, dive-bombers, and torpedo planes – the most modern, highly trained, and deadly naval air force in the world – roared across the island toward their targets.

From its vivid opening account of the raid on Pearl Harbor to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Eagle Against the Sun chronicles the American war against Japan. The book, which is compulsory reading for cadet-officers at the United States Military Academy, West Point, is published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VJ Day on 15 August 2020. As well as featuring entirely new hand-drawn maps and 32 pages of carefully curated photographs, the Folio edition includes a specially commissioned foreword by Paul Kennedy – Dilworth Professor of History at Yale University. Eagle Against the Sun is a gripping narrative of arduous land and sea campaigns, punctuated by episodes of brutal fighting – including names such as Midway and Iwo Jima that resonate through the modern age. Its scope is vast, taking in the strategic coups and blunders of the high command alongside the desperate struggles of the soldiers, sailors and marines who executed their orders. With acute insight and a dazzling command of his sources, Spector brings to life a conflict that ‘dehumanised both victor and vanquished alike’.

Three-quarter bound in blocked cloth with a cloth front board, screen-printed and blocked with a design by Neil Gower

Set in Quadraat Pro

688 pages

Frontispiece and 32 pages of black & white plates, 3 maps

Printed map endpapers

Pictorial slipcase

10˝ x 6¾˝

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