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  • This Folio Life: Katherine Harloe on The Peloponnesian War

    In this extract from the exclusive introduction to the Folio limited edition, Professor of Classics and Intellectual History, and Director of the Institute of Classical Studies, Katherine Harloe reflects on why ‘in this age of populist politics, plague and war, The Peloponnesian War still offers much material for reflection’.

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  • World Book Day: Get into Character with Folio

    Here are five of our favourite fictional characters, with ideas for easy outfits you can create at home. So, whether you’re a whizz with a sewing machine or you wave your child off in an outfit held together with sticky tape, they will all look and feel like literary legends. There’s a Folio edition of each book, so your child can read the story and take inspiration from the beautiful illustrations before World Book Day.

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  • This Folio Life: Neil Gaiman on Gormenghast

    A grand and gothic dream, the Folio Society’s lavish limited edition of The Gormenghast Trilogy offers a testament to Peake’s timeless creative genius. In this extract from Neil Gaiman’s introduction to The Gormenghast Trilogy, written exclusively for Folio’s limited edition, the award-winning fantasist celebrates Peake’s incredible imagination.

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  • This Folio Life: Celebrating all kinds of love

    Valentine’s Day is a chance to show your love and appreciation for all the special people in your life. So, this year, think beyond traditional hearts and flowers relationships and explore these literary love stories that celebrate the plutonic as well as the passionate.

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