People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do
Studs Terkel
Introduced by Scott Simon

The fascinating working lives of ordinary people are revealed in Studs Terkel’s masterful chronicle of American life, published as an illustrated edition for the first time by Folio.

Ward Quaal’s working day starts at 4.30 a.m. long before his driver arrives to take him to his Broadcasting Corporation office; Bud Freeman wakes up around midday and plays jazz for a living; Eric Hoellen supplements his janitor’s duties with undercover work for the FBI. We hear from miners, stockbrokers, waitresses, gravediggers and piano tuners alike in this famous collection of conversations that is honest, funny and endearing, sometimes outrageous and simply extraordinary. Newly presented in a square format, this arresting collector’s edition is lavishly illustrated and includes a fascinating introduction by one of America’s finest broadcasters, Scott Simon.

‘People can’t understand that there are artists in the world as well as drones’

  1. Bud Freeman, Jazz musician

Bound in cloth printed and spot-varnished with a design by Jamie Keenan

Set in Garamond with Benguiat as display

744 pages

Double-sided frontispiece plus 38 pages of colour plates and 9 integrated greyscale part-titles

Plain slipcase

9¼˝ x 8¼˝ 

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