Alan Forrest
Introduced by Hew Strachan

Series Editor: Hew Strachan

Waterloo by Alan Forrest launches a major Folio series on history’s greatest battles, providing a vivid account of Napoleon’s defeat by Wellington and its legacy throughout the world.

Battles are not only about tactics and strategy. They are part of European culture and have an afterlife in which they are woven into the narratives of the nations that fought in them.

Waterloo was Napoleon’s last stand: a shattering defeat that ended his imperial ambitions for ever. Alan Forrest’s acclaimed study is the first title in a new Folio series covering history’s greatest battles and their legacies. This premium Folio Society edition features 16 pages of colour images, including portraits of Napoleon and Wellington, contemporary cartoons, original maps, and European art inspired by the battle.

With redrawn maps and battle plans and an introduction by the series editor, military historian Hew Strachan, Waterloo is the definitive companion to an event whose significance echoes through the history of Britain, Europe and the world.

Quarter-bound in blocked cloth, with textured paper sides printed with artwork by Geoff Grandfield

Set in Garamond

224 pages

16 pages of colour plates, plus 2 integrated maps

Plain slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝

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