The Odyssey

Illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith
Introduced by Bernard Knox
Translated by Robert Fagles

The greatest quest ever written is published as a stunning Folio edition that pairs Robert Fagles’s renowned translation with the illustrations of Grahame Baker-Smith.

After the Trojan War, Odysseus, the mythological king of the island of Ithaca, sets sail for home, where his wife Penelope and young son Telemachus await him. But with the god Poseidon keeping a hostile eye, Odysseus’ journey is fraught with perils. For ten years he struggles against new enemies and adversities, storm and shipwreck. When he finally reaches home disguised as a beggar, it is to face more treachery and even greater danger.

Presented in a striking, quarter-bound buckram binding, this edition takes the renowned translation of Robert Fagles. Its focus on contemporary English phrasing and idioms results in an eloquent and engrossing read that will appeal to those familiar with Homer, as well as new readers. As befits the era, there is mythological allusion in Grahame Baker-Smith’s illustrations, while the Homeric tragedy and the nuances of this translation are discussed by classicist Bernard Knox in an introduction that ensures this edition should be on every collector’s shelf.

Quarter-bound in buckram with printed cloth sides

Set in Monotype Centaur

592 pages

Frontispiece and 8 colour illustrations

Printed map endpapers

Blocked slipcase

10˝ x 6¾˝

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