The Italian Renaissance

Culture and Society in Italy
Peter Burke
Introduced by the author

From patronage to postcode – Peter Burke reveals how social history shaped Renaissance art in our exquisite edition illustrated with examples of the period’s great works.

Every society erects obstacles to the expression of the creativity of some groups, and Renaissance Italy was no exception.

From Raphael to Machiavelli, the artists and writers of the Italian Renaissance have bequeathed the world an incredible cultural legacy. But would they have produced the same work and enjoyed the same accolades if born in another century, another country or to different families? It is this relationship between culture and society that forms the basis of Peter Burke’s fascinating and widely acclaimed work: a social history of the Renaissance that is broad in scope, eloquently explained and richly illustrated with artistic examples across art, sculpture and architecture.

Bound in cloth printed with detail from Raphael’s Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Set in Jenson
376 pages
32 pages of colour plates and 11 integrated black & white illustrations
Blocked slipcase
9˝ x 6¾˝

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