Casino Royale (Limited Edition)

Ian Fleming

Illustrated by Fay Dalton

Introduced by Kim Sherwood

Limited to 750 hand-numbered copies

Celebrating 70 years since publication, Folio’s fabulous anniversary edition of Casino Royale, limited to 750 numbered copies, exudes sophistication and glamour. Bound in blocked leather and signed by artist Fay Dalton, this is the perfect collector’s edition of Fleming’s first Bond novel.

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‘Like the perfect martini, all the right ingredients are here.’
  1. Kim Sherwood, from her introduction

Casino Royale was first published exactly 70 years ago, on 13 April 1953. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Folio Society is releasing the ultimate collector’s edition – bound in blocked leather and limited to just 750 copies, each numbered by hand and signed by the artist Fay Dalton. Award-winning novelist Kim Sherwood, chosen by Ian Fleming Publications to expand the world of James Bond with three new novels, has contributed a fascinating introduction exclusive to this Folio limited edition.

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Limited to 750 numbered copies

Bound in leather blocked in silver, metallic red and black foils with a design by Jamie Clarke

Set in Miller text with Folio Bold Condensed as display

Text printed in two colours on Natural Evolution Ivory paper

248 pages

9 full-colour illustrations including two double-page spreads by Fay Dalton

7 black & white illustrations by Fay Dalton

Limitation label signed by Fay Dalton

Gunmetal grey on all three page edges

Blocked Endpapers

Clamshell box covered with a metallic cloth screen-printed and blocked with a design by Jamie Clarke

Box lined with cloth printed with an illustration by Fay Dalton

11˝ x 7¼˝

‘By the time you reach the final, famous line, you will forget spy fiction was ever anything other than James Bond.’
  1. Kim Sherwood, from her introduction

The first of Fleming’s James Bond novels, Casino Royale introduces the reader to the world of 007 with its merciless villains, spectacular dangers, ill-fated romances and exotic settings. In his first mission, Bond is plunged into a battle of luck, wits and physical endurance against Le Chiffre, a corrupt agent of the feared Soviet organisation SMERSH. Le Chiffre’s unsavoury predilections have left him bankrupt and desperate for money. His defeat lies in the hands of ‘the finest gambler available to the Service’ in a game of baccarat set on a luminous stage with violence lurking in the wings.

Folio’s stunning limited edition of Casino Royale, based on our best-selling standard edition, is presented in a fabulous clamshell box and features nine full-colour illustrations, including two new double-page spreads, and seven integrated black-and-white images. Fay Dalton’s exquisite interpretations of Fleming’s iconic characters convey a heady mix of sophistication and tension, her vintage, painterly style the perfect accompaniment to Fleming’s debut novel. Illustrations exuding glamour and danger, lavish materials and high production values elevate this to the most spectacular anniversary edition.

Ian Lancaster Fleming was born in London in 1908. He was educated at Eton College and abroad in Germany and Austria. After working as a stockbroker, he became the assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence in the Admiralty during the Second World War. In 1952 he wrote Casino Royale, the first of 14 James Bond titles, of which 30 million copies were sold during his lifetime. He was married to Ann Rothermere and together they had one son, Caspar. Fleming died in 1964.

Fay Dalton is a London-based illustrator. She has a first-class degree in Illustration and was the winner of the 2010 Pickled Ink Award for illustration. Fay combines traditional drawing and painting methods with digital painting. For the Folio Society she has illustrated Casino Royale (2015), From Russia with Love (2016), Dr No (2017), Moonraker (2017), Goldfinger (2018), Diamonds Are Forever (2018), Thunderball (2019), Live and Let Die (2019), The Spy Who Loved Me (2020), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (2020), You Only Live Twice (2021), The Man with the Golden Gun (2021) and For Your Eyes Only (2022).

Following her award-winning debut novel, Testament, Kim Sherwood has published Double or Nothing, the first in a trilogy of ‘Double O‘ novels expanding the James Bond universe. It received widespread critical acclaim. A lecturer in creative writing at the University of Edinburgh, her next book, A Wild and True Relation, will be published in 2023.


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