A Folio Anthology
Illustrated by Petra Börner
Preface by Storm Dunlop
Edited by Sue Bradbury

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An enchanting selection of prose and poetry inspired by summer, with commissioned illustrations and binding.

Whatever else it was, it was one hell of a summer.
  1. Bill Bryson, from One Summer: America 1927

Published in series with Spring: A Folio Anthology, Winter: A Folio Anthology and Autumn: A Folio Anthology.

Long, lazy days; doors flung wide to catch the breeze; etiquette abandoned for informal alfresco meals; and skin bared to absorb the warm rays. Summer is the season of freedom, spontaneity and discovery; and a lifetime of magical childhood memories. Sue Bradbury has captured the essence of summer in this beautifully illustrated collection of anecdotes, poetry, prose and memoir that features a wonderfully eclectic group of writers, such as Jerome K. Jerome, Robert Burns, P. G. Wodehouse and Andy Warhol.

The extracts include Elizabeth David recounting the pleasure of simple summer picnics enjoyed on the banks of the Seine. Bill Bryson travels back to the iconic American summer of 1927 with Babe Ruth, Al Capone and Henry Ford all cited in his evocative overview. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic a decade earlier, Siegfried Sassoon delights in the ’pale gold of the wheat-field and the faded green of the hazy muffled woods on the low hills’ as he journeys to London on a hospital train across the landscape he fought to save.

The collection is illustrated with a series of striking double-page designs by Petra Börner. The Swedish-born artist has worked across the Folio seasonal anthologies and her work moves fluidly through the seasons with a changing colour palette and imagery. Börner also created the book’s elegant binding design.

Meteorology expert Storm Dunlop’s fascinating preface takes an astrological and weather-related approach to summer, intertwining the less scientific, but no less valid, lyrics of Nat King Cole’s ’Those-Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer’ to help decipher the significance of the season.

'Days I have held,
days I have lost,

days that outgrow, like daughters,
my harbouring arms'
  1. Derek Walcott, from Midsummer, Tobago

Quarter-bound in cloth with Modigliani paper sides

Set in Caslon

96 pages

Frontispiece, 4 colour double-page illustrations and selection of spot illustrations

Please note this edition is not slipcased

8¾˝ × 5½˝

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