Sophie’s World

Jostein Gaarder
Illustrated by Sandra Rilova
Preface by the author
Translated by Paulette Møller

Preface translated by Paul Russell Garrett

Mysticism, mystery and philosophical wonder leap off every page of Sophie’s World, a book that has moved the consciousness of millions, and now presented in a stunning new Folio edition.

‘Not until this special edition of Sophie’s World by The Folio Society does the written duality between Sophie’s and Hilde’s worlds also emerge visually’

  1. Jostein Gaarder

While 14-year-old Sophie Amundsen ponders an anonymous note left in her mailbox, a second piece of post arrives. Inside the slim brown envelope is an introduction to the enigmatic Alberto Knox and the first module of his philosophy course. A beautiful coming-of-age tale threaded with metaphysical wonder, Sophie’s World charts the enlightenment of an adolescent girl through her study of the history of Western philosophy, each module delivered by Knox’s faithful dog Hermes. However, the mailbox channels more than just wisdom: as postcards begin to arrive from Lebanon for a girl named Hilde, Sophie realises that she is part of a much bigger story.

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Bound in blocked cloth

Set in Freight Text and Freight Sans with Omnes as display

536 pages

Printed in 2 colours throughout

18 integrated duotone illustrations

Printed endpapers

Plain slipcase

˝ x 6¾˝

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