Rupert Brooke: Selected Poems

Rupert Brooke
Illustrated by Ed Kluz
Introduced by Jon Stallworthy
Limited to 1,750 hand-numbered copies

A limited edition published to commemorate the poet’s death in April 1915 and designed to emulate the fine press editions of the early 20th century. In series with Selected Poems Edward Thomas and Selected Poems Wilfred Owen.

Limited Edition

A selection of Rupert Brooke’s most famous poems presented in a special limited edition to mark the centenary of his death. The book has been designed to reflect the values of the fine press movement of the early 20th century. The text, printed letterpress, is illustrated with original lithographs and quarter-bound in leather with hand-made paste-paper sides by Victoria Hall.

Brooke is famous both for his evocation of Edwardian England in poems such as ‘The Old Vicarage, Grantchester’ and for the wide-eyed patriotism of his later poems that herald the coming conflict. He died aged 27, before this illusion of a just and heroic war was completely shattered, although his final poem suggests that he may have begun to reconsider his idealistic stance. This edition contains superb new lithographs by Ed Kluz that capture the vitality and beauty of his verse.

Limited to 1,750 hand-numbered copies

Quarter-bound in goatskin, with paste-paper sides

Set in hot metal in Monotype Walbaum

88 pages

9 lithographs and 6 vignettes

Paper-covered slipcase blocked in gold on one side and inset with a lithograph label

Coloured top edge

9¾˝ x 7˝

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