Parallel Worlds

The Science of Alternative Universes and Our Future in the Cosmos

Michio Kaku

With a new introduction by the author

Parallel Worlds is Michio Kaku’s astonishing journey into the mysteries of our universe – and the tantalising possibility that many others may exist. Awe-inspiring images of the cosmos complete this Folio edition.

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‘An exhilarating read... nobody who reads this book can be anything less than amazed.’
  1. Scotland on Sunday

Is our own universe one of many parallel worlds in a ‘megaverse’? In this flight to the frontiers of cosmology, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explores the idea that we may live on the skin of an expanding bubble in an infinitely developing multiverse. Parallel Worlds sets out the scientific concepts that could unravel the greatest mysteries of our existence. Kaku’s exhilarating tour takes in Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, Schrödinger and Hawking, relativity and quantum theory, the big bang, black holes, hidden dimensions, dark matter and superstrings. And although it is a story whose ending we may already know, as our galaxy accelerates towards oblivion in a ‘Big Freeze’, Kaku daringly speculates that intelligent life may one day cheat extinction by escaping to a new universe. Presented with a new introduction by the author, plus a frontispiece and 16 pages of spectacular cosmic images, this is a story to inspire wonder and drive curiosity.

Quarter-bound in blocked cloth with printed paper sides

Set in Garamond with Futura display

464 pages

Frontispiece plus 16 pages of space photography

14 integrated charts and diagrams

Plain slipcase

9½˝ x 6¼˝

‘An exhilarating romp through frontiers of cosmology.’
  1. Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

For over a century, physicists have struggled to build quantum mechanics into a ‘theory of everything’, capable of explaining all the forces that govern the universe. In Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku makes a passionate case for M-theory, a development of string theory that imagines 11 dimensions to space and time. His flair for explanation places mind-bending breakthroughs in cosmology and physics within the grasp of every reader, and his enthusiasm for this ‘third great revolution’ – after those of Newton and Einstein – shines from every page. As he concludes in his new introduction to the Folio edition, ‘we are entering what may be the golden age of cosmology… a great time to be a physicist and a voyager on this quest to understand our origins and the fate of the universe.’

Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics in the City College of New York, is a world-renowned physicist and science communicator. Raised in California and educated at Harvard and Berkeley, he has researched quantum mechanics and string theory for over 50 years – experiments that began with the creation of an ‘atom smasher’ while he was still in high school. Kaku sees his research as a continuation of Einstein’s attempt to articulate a unified ‘theory of everything’. He is the host of the weekly radio science programme Exploration and the author of more than a dozen books, most of which introduce advanced physics to the general reader, including Hyperspace, Einstein’s Cosmos and, most recently, The God Equation. Many of his books have been New York Times bestsellers, and through his work in other media – including news appearances and as a columnist for popular science magazines – Kaku has made a major contribution to the public understanding of contemporary physics.


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