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  • Folio books wrapped in recyclable transparent paper

    This Folio Life: It’s a wrap

    The journey from shrink-wrap to sustainable paper. Back in 2019 we began to investigate replacing the plastic shrink-wrap on our books with a sustainable alternative.

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  • An illustration by Peter Forster

    The Folio Life: Peter Forster (1934–2021)

    Peter Forster, who died in January, was one of the outstanding wood engravers of the late 20th century. Much of his best work was produced for the Folio Society: between 1986 and 2003 he illustrated seven complete Folio volumes and contributed to three multi-artist publications.

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  • A fold-up letter from the Letters from Fairyland edition, The Folio Society 2020

    This Folio Life: Letters from lockdown

    We are so pleased to bring Charles van Sandwyk’s charming fairy letters to life in two beautiful Folio editions. It was a challenging project in terms of book production, with the journey to finished copies made even more complex due to working under the restrictions of COVID-19.

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