The Pale Horse

Agatha Christie

Illustrated by Olivia Daw

Queen of Crime Agatha Christie invites you into a shadowy world of black magic and cold-blooded murder. The Pale Horse is the latest volume in the Folio Christie collection.

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‘Christie’s tale of contract killers, witches and black magic is a fantastic example of her brilliant plotting and superb ability to keep you guessing whodunnit right until the very end.’
  1. The Guardian

A dying woman’s final confession and the brutal murder of a priest are the catalysts for Agatha Christie’s classic macabre mystery, The Pale Horse. With a name that has become synonymous with dastardly murders and eccentric sleuths, Christie has sold more books worldwide than any other novelist. As the acclaimed writer Val McDermid puts it, ‘just one book is never enough’. The Pale Horse is one of Christie’s best-loved standalone novels, full of all the shocking twists and elegant plotting that make her books so deliciously addictive, served with a generous sprinkling of black magic and the occult. Produced in series with Folio’s Sparkling Cyanide and Crooked House, The Pale Horse features seven captivating illustrations by artist Olivia Daw and an intriguing binding design.

Bound in blocked cloth with printed and blocked paper front board

Set in Bell with Kabel as display

232 pages

Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations

Plain slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝ 

‘If you wanted to “get rid of someone” the Pale Horse was the place to go.’


The violent murder of a priest, a list of names found on a corpse, and a trio of sinister women conducting seances out of their country house. What do these unsettling matters have to do with a series of apparently natural deaths? After witnessing a vicious cat fight in a coffee bar, historian Mark Easterbrook is drawn into a terrifying conspiracy of black magic and contract killings. Assisted by Ginger Corrigan, a young woman willing to put her own life on the line, Mark must find answers before tragedy strikes closer to home.

‘How convenient if you could ring up Harrods and say “Please send along two good murderers, will you?”’


Only a writer as ingenious as Christie could imbue a mystery with so much macabre dread and still deliver a solution that is both satisfying and surprising. For the first illustrated edition of this richly gothic tale of black magic and murder, Olivia Daw has created seven painterly illustrations that make exquisite use of light and dark. In these spellbinding images, figures loom out of the shadows, their intentions unclear, and the eponymous Pale Horse itself seems to glow with its own strange interior light. The atmospheric binding design captures a foggy night of underhand deeds, making this an irresistible edition of a crime fiction classic.

Agatha Christie was born in Torquay in 1890 and is the author of over 80 works, including detective novels and short stories, 19 plays, and six novels published under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. Her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, was published in 1920 and introduced the world to Hercule Poirot, who would become one of the most popular fictional detectives since Sherlock Holmes (as would another of Christie’s sleuths, the amateur detective Miss Marple). In 1952 her play The Mousetrap premiered in London’s West End and has run continuously ever since. Christie’s books have sold more than two billion copies in over 100 languages (said to be outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare), and have been adapted many times for film and television. She was made a dame in 1971 and died in Oxfordshire in 1976. In 2013, she was voted the greatest crime writer of all time by the Crime Writers’ Association.

Olivia Daw was raised in East Anglia by a large family of creatives. Her passion for drawing began at a friend’s kitchen table and she has since gone on to receive a BA in illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. Combining her experience in both game development and classical art, Olivia combines historical and contemporary influences and is just as likely to be found working in Photoshop as sketching with charcoal. The Pale Horse is her first commission for The Folio Society.


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