The Lost World

Michael Crichton

Illustrated by Vector That Fox

The nightmare is far from over for humankind in Michael Crichton’s action-packed follow-up to Jurassic Park. This Folio edition of The Lost World is illustrated by Vector That Fox.

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The sequel to the best-selling phenomenon Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton’s The Lost World offers a thrill ride of scientific discovery, mathematical theory and sheer, gory dinosaur fun. Produced in series with its enormously popular predecessor, this edition is packed with gorgeous features, making it an irresistible volume for any dinosaur aficionado. Illustrator Vector That Fox has returned with a set of stunning cinematic images, including a binding design teeming with everyone’s favourite killing machines, the velociraptors. These sensational illustrations were created following the expert advice of palaeontologist Steve Brusatte, ensuring that the images reflect the very latest information on dinosaur biology. With illustrated endpapers, a new map of Isla Sorna – creased as if kept in some explorer’s pocket – and a unique ‘dinosaur skin’ slipcase, this edition of The Lost World is the gateway to a new realm of adventure: a time and a place when dinosaurs ruled the planet.

Bound in printed paper with soft-touch lamination and textured spot varnish  

Set in Dante with Manito as display  

432 pages  

6 full-page colour illustrations, 1 double-page spread full-colour map, 1 black & white illustrated double-page spread 

16 integrated black & white graphics  

Printed endpapers 

Textured paper slipcase  

9½˝ x 6¼˝


‘This island presents a unique opportunity to study the greatest mystery in the history of our planet: extinction.’
  1. from The Lost World

Six years ago, John Hammond’s dinosaur park experiment ended in disaster. The parts that were still standing were shut down, and the animals themselves destroyed. But something has survived … 

The last thing Dr Ian Malcolm wants is a reminder of his experiences at Hammond’s park; he barely escaped with his life last time. But the corpses of strange beasts are washing up on islands around Costa Rica, and rumours of a possible ‘Site B’ – a place where the dinosaurs have flourished, alone, away from human interference – are beginning to gain traction. Very soon Malcolm and a team of experts find themselves exploring a new, lethally dangerous landscape. There are no cages to protect them on this island, and every step takes them further away from the world they knew.

‘Michael’s talent outscaled even his own dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.’
  1. Steven Spielberg

Michael Crichton was a master of the techno-thriller, writing 26 books over his lifetime, with more than a dozen of these adapted for screen. His background in medicine and science underpinned his work, and his dedication to verisimilitude meant that every book was a rollercoaster of the nearly possible: reading the Jurassic Park books, it’s almost possible to believe that such extraordinary animals could walk the earth again. This special edition of Crichton’s second dinosaur thriller also features redrawn computer graphics within the text, an atmospheric new map and a pair of illustrated endpapers.

Michael Crichton (1942–2008) was born in Chicago and raised on Long Island before studying at Harvard, where he graduated in anthropology and medicine. While still at medical school he began to write novels that were published under pseudonyms. The first book released under his own name was The Andromeda Strain (1969), which became a New York Times bestseller. The novel established Crichton as a major figure in American genre fiction, particularly as the author of enormously popular techno-thrillers which draw on traditions of fantasy adventure fiction stretching back to Arthur Conan Doyle but update them with contemporary scientific and technological themes. Crichton was also a successful writer for film and TV, notably as the creator of ER and Westworld. Many of his books were adapted for the screen, often by the author himself, and the film of Jurassic Park (1993) – released three years after the novel – became the first movie to earn $1 billion at the box office. Its success was followed by The Lost World (1995; filmed 1997) and by several more recent films set in Crichton’s Jurassic Park universe.

Vector That Fox is the creative identity of Jo Breese, who graduated with a first-class degree in Graphic Design: Illustration from Sheffield Hallam University, and is now a professional illustrator. Commercial client work began during her studies, with a diverse range of jobs, including spot illustrations for the Wall Street Journal. Following this, Jo quickly took a post as a graphics illustrator at the Sunday Times (2014–18). After leaving London, Jo returned to the north of England and teaches part-time on Sheffield Hallam’s new illustration course, while continuing to freelance and sell artwork online. Jo’s drawings have been featured in exhibitions, including in Berlin and Tokyo, but can mainly be found in editorial contexts, especially magazines.


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