Selected Poems

Emily Dickinson
Illustrated by Jane Lydbury
Introduced by Lavinia Greenlaw

A beautifully presented collection that celebrates the radical style of a visionary American poet. This edition follows the 1955 text prepared by Thomas H. Johnson, which presents the poems as Dickinson intended.

Throughout her life, and even more so since her death in 1886, Emily Dickinson was shrouded in paradox and mystery. From her late thirties onwards she rarely left her father’s home in Amherst, Massachusetts. This reclusion seems at odds with the expansive range of her poems and their passionate engagement with the agonies and joys of life. Though known to her fellow townsfolk as ‘the Myth’ and seldom seen by even some of her close relatives, Dickinson built strong friendships through the exchange of letters. More recent attempts to explain her solitude and understand her character, often guided by clues in her poems, have shifted our perception of her as a disappointed spinster towards that of a spirited and determined woman whose life turned upon the channelling of her extraordinary imagination.

‘Perhaps America’s greatest ever poet’

  1. Lavinia Greenlaw 

Bound in printed cloth

Set in Bembo Book

160 pages

Frontispiece and 12 integrated black & white wood engravings

Printed endpapers

Printed translucent dust jacket

˝ x 5½˝

Please note: this edition has a dust jacket in place of a slipcase

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