Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck
Illustrated by James Albon

Published by The Folio Society for the first time, Of Mice and Men is John Steinbeck’s electrifying tale of injustice and shattered dreams, set during the Great Depression.

From the rustic styling of James Albon’s illustrations, to the tactile binding that cleverly refers to the agricultural setting, this glorious edition will reignite powerful childhood memories of discovering Steinbeck.

‘A novelist who is also a true poet’ 

  1. Sunday Times

Migrant labourers George and Lennie are dropped miles from their new workplace by a bus driver who deems them unworthy of an unscheduled stop. The symbolism is clear from the outset – itinerant farm workers have little social status in the land they sow and harvest for others’ financial gain. George is slight and savvy, Lennie a hulking simpleton, and the pair have formed an unlikely friendship. They wander state to state, working on ranches and sleeping rough between jobs, until Lennie’s childlike naivety inevitably lands him in trouble and they must once again move on.

‘After Of Mice and Men, the act of reading would never be the same again.’ 

  1. Independent

Bound in printed textured paper

Set in Miller Text with Shelton Slab display

112 pages

Frontispiece, 3 colour illustrations, including 2 double-page spreads, and 6 black & white integrated illustrations

Pictorial slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝

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