The Wind in the Willows

Kenneth Grahame
The Wind in the Willows book


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Bound in full cloth, blocked in black and gold with a design by Charles van Sandwyk and with a printed paper label inset.

264 Pages, 85 illustrations, 35 in colour, by Charles van Sandwyk

Printed endpapers and slipcase. Set in Founders Caslon.

Book Size: 10" x 7"


5/5 from 9 Reviews

The Wind in the Willows

A glorious Folio edition of the children's classic, with enchanting illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk

When Mole is drawn out of his underground abode ('Hang spring-cleaning!') by the imperious call of Spring, he is fascinated by the world above his home. The first animal he meets is lively Ratty, who introduces him to the beauties of the river and the joys of 'simply messing about in boats'. Mr Toad, irrepressible aristocrat and creature of crazes, shatters this rural calm with his discovery of the automobile. 'Villages skipped, towns and cities jumped - always somebody else's horizon! Oh, bliss! Oh, poop-poop!' Soon he is risking life and limb indulging his new-found passion, experiencing brushes with the law and landing himself in prison, much to the concern of his friends. Even stern Badger cannot control Toad's lunatic enthusiasms and wild antics, until they are all faced with a tremendous battle against the scheming stoats and wheedling weasels that have taken over Toad Hall. Can the four friends win against the frightening denizens of the Wild Wood? And does our irresponsible hero really become 'an altered Toad'?

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The Wind in the Willows is about many things - the changing seasons, the beauty and fragility of nature, the perils of the open road and the creeping tide of suburbia - but it is the glorious adventures of Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger that have enchanted generations of children and their parents for nearly a century. The sheer familiarity of the characters has been a challenge to artists ever since, and Charles van Sandwyk has risen to it magnificently. His wonderful illustrations breathe new life into the much-loved heroes of Kenneth Grahame's classic, magically evoking the idyllic and occasionally dangerous world of wild wood and river bank.

This edition of Kenneth Grahame’s enchanting adventure is one of The Folio Society’s all-time bestsellers. It features 83 wonderful illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk, magically evoking the woods and riverbank. Care has been lavished on every detail, from the luxury Modigliani paper to the endpapers and slipcase, both printed with pen-and-ink designs. The cloth cover is blocked in black and gold, with a printed label inset showing Ratty and Mole by the fireside. This volume won the Grand Prix Award at the Printing World Awards.

‘It combines a love of nature with a nostalgia for boats, caravans and old cars, and hints at a more innocent time. I've loved it since I was ten and never tired of it’

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Review by BLDiep on 8th Mar 2014

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"I've read this book so often I decided I wanted a top quality book by Folio for my bookshelves. It's a beauty and I am glad to have such a treasure to return to again and again."

Review by Paganus on 26th Aug 2013

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"A beautiful book. The illustrations are just as you would imagine they should be!"

Review by 08Youngbre on 17th Mar 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating:

"Brilliant binding, top notch illustations on thick artistic style paper with attractive slip-case. A must have at any age."

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