Top tips for picking the perfect festive gift

The festive season is the perfect time to treat friends and family to a beautiful book. But how do you go about choosing the right one? Folio editions are designed to last a lifetime, so it’s even more important to pick the literary gift that will be cherished for years to come. Here are our top tips for selecting books that will be unwrapped with excitement on Christmas Day. 


Appeal to their inner artist




A beautifully crafted book is a work of art, so treat creative loved ones to an edition that includes their favourite media. From watercolours to digital illustrations and stunning archive photography, you can tailor the book choice to their artistic leanings.  

Illustration by Sam Green

Accessorise the interiors



Illustration by Peter Bailey


Is there always a strategically placed coffee-table book in the front room? If so, you’ll need to think about aesthetics. An ornate binding, coloured page tops or a particularly striking slipcase will see your gift elevated to centre-stage, and lesser volumes relegated to the farthest recesses of the bookcase. 

Have a sneak peek




Not sure which genre the lucky recipient prefers? Have a glance on their bookshelves the next time you visit. If there’s a worn-out paperback that’s obviously been read numerous times, or a collection of novels by a particular author, you can safely assume they’ll love a beautiful edition of the book or author in question. 


Illustration by Ella Beech

Pick a wild card



Illustration by Charles van Sandwyk


Do they like short stories or poetry? Are they a sucker for historical fiction? If you can narrow down the genre, then just go with your instinct and chances are you’ll pick exactly the right book. 

Take a trip down memory lane




Is there a book you studied together at school or college, or something you both read and loved recently? The ultimate edition of a nostalgic read has the added benefit of shared memories and will make a truly special festive gift. 

Illustration by Alison Bryant

Try a TV tie-in



Illustration by Jonathan Burton


Film adaptations and television series are brilliant sources of inspiration for literary gifts. If they were glued to A Game of Thrones or sat in awe during The Planets, a gorgeous edition of the book will be much-appreciated. 

If all else fails … just ask!




You can take the subtle approach, drop it into the conversation, or just bluntly ask which book they’d like. If you really have no idea about their literary taste, a bit of insider information means you’ll hand over your gift with confidence.


And don’t forget there’s always the Folio e-gift card! 

Illustrated by Jana Heidersdorf