A cookie is a small file that is held on your web browser to identify who you are to our website. uses cookies to show you the most appropriate offers and information. We use cookies to provide us with other information, such as when visitors come from a partner website, from a search engine or via an email that we have sent, and to hold items in your basket. The cookies do NOT store any personal or sensitive data that would compromise your security (such as credit card details or passwords).

Each cookie used on falls into either of the categories: strictly necessary, performance or functional. These categories and the cookies that sit within these categories are detailed below.

Strictly Necessary

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the correct operation of These cookies are downloaded on to your browser when you perform a certain action on the Folio Society website (e.g.: logging in) and by using the Folio Society website you are accepting consent for use of these cookies. If you remove these cookies from your browser you will lose some functionality when browsing the site. The cookies classed as 'strictly necessary' are as follows:



To monitor web performance and determine the source of our online traffic, uses Google Analytics cookies and other third-party cookies to track visits. These cookies do not send senstive information.The cookies used on to track performance are:

_utmz [Google Analytics]Ug []
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uvc []psc []

Functional uses cookies to perform functionality on the website. This functionality includes remembering who previously logged in on the browser you are currently using. These cookies are not essential for the site to run and can be opted-out below. These cookies are:

Facebook Cookies [csm, datr, lu, locale, c_user, s, xs]

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