As well as beautiful editions of the world’s great religious texts – from the Christian Bible to Islam’s holy Qur’an - the Folio Society also includes a wide collection of books on religious philosophy and the history of religions and faith. Each book includes beautiful illustrations, or carefully researched photographs, and come in specially designed bindings. See below for the full list of Folio books on Religion and Faith.

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The Book of Common Prayer book

The Book of Common Prayer

A magnificent facsimile edition of a religious and literary classic. Next to the authorised version of the King James Bible and the plays of William Shakespeare, it is among the most widely read and influential of English literary works.

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City of God book

City of God

Saint Augustine

One of the most influential religious works ever written, an eloquent and powerful defence of the faith and a fascinating witness to Christianity's early history.

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A History of God book

A History of God

Karen Armstrong

In its first illustrated edition, Armstrong's acclaimed account even-handedly traces the troubled history of the three major monotheistic religions.

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The Qur'ân book

The Qur'ân

Few books in history are as important as the Qur’ân. Evoking devotion and passion amongst the faithful, this sacred book, composed in transcendentally beautiful language, is at the heart of one of the world’s great faiths.

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