Remarkable Birds

Mark Avery

A fascinating compendium showcasing the amazing variety of the birds that share our world, illuminated with exquisite ornithological illustrations, prints and drawings.

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Remarkable Birds

The earth is home to more than 10,000 species of birds, and humankind has long been fascinated by them. This beautiful book, examining over 60 of these species, is illustrated with a striking range of ornithological drawings, prints and paintings.

Split into eight themed sections, Remarkable Birds reveals the lives, habits and histories of birds while also examining our relationship with ‘our feathered friends’. The chapter on birds of prey looks at majestic hunters like the harpy eagle, a bird capable of hunting and killing monkeys and sloths, while ‘Songbirds’ celebrates the great bird virtuosi such as the famous nightingale. ‘Feathered Travellers’ describes the often astounding journeys made by birds, revealing how even hummingbirds, one of the smallest bird species, can migrate huge distances.

In the section titled ‘The Love Life of Birds’, Mark Avery demonstrates how their relationships can rival any soap opera, highlighting the eye-catching feathers and dance moves of birds of paradise. ‘Avian Cities’ explores those species that live in large colonies such as the spectacular flamingo, while ‘Useful to Us’ examines the ways in which we use birds for our own purposes. Birds have also appeared as mythical figures throughout the course of human history, and ‘Revered and Adored’ looks at examples like the sacred ibis, believed by the ancient Egyptians to represent the god Thoth, while ‘Threatened and Extinct’ covers the birds that have now vanished and those that are currently on the brink of extinction.

For anyone interested in the natural world and the wonderful variety of birds around us, this beautifully illustrated book is a visual treat that will inspire, inform and delight.

Production Details

Remarkable Birds book
  • Published by Thames & Hudson
  • 240 pages
  • 225 illustrations, 203 in colour
  • 253 × 193mm
  • Hardback


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