The Franchise Affair book

The Franchise Affair

Josephine Tey

Introduced by Antonia Fraser
Illustrated by Paul Hogarth

A masterful and chilling mystery based on a real case – the abduction of Elizabeth Canning in the 18th century - given a modern setting by Jospehine Tey.

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The Franchise Affair

‘My favourite Josephine Tey – gripping both as a story and as a wonderfully evocative period piece’

At four o’clock on a spring afternoon, Robert Blair is thinking of going home. The last post has gone and for a lawyer in a small market town, the chances of further requests for wills, conveyancing or investment advice are remote. But when the telephone rings, Blair’s life changes irrevocably. Marion Sharpe and her mother, two eminently respectable ladies who live at the Franchise, a large isolated house on the outskirts of town, stand accused of the abduction and imprisonment of a 15-year-old girl, and are asking Blair to defend them – a difficult task when the evidence against the women seems compelling. What is Blair to believe? Is the girl fabricating the whole affair? Or are the Sharpe women not quite as innocent as they maintain?

Production Details

The Franchise Affair book
  • Bound in cloth.
  • 288 pages.
  • Frontispiece.
  • 9 full-page illustrations by Paul Hogarth.
  • Book size: 9" x 5¾".


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Review by archbold on 11th Sep 2013

Text: Illustrations: Binding: Rating: 5/5

"It is impossible not to envy anyone reading this for the first time. A captivating mystery very well told in its unfolding. Josephine Tey is an excellent writer and this is one of her best stories. Th..." [read more]

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