The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

Amin Maalouf
The Crusades Through Arab Eyes book


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Introduced by Malise Ruthven.

Translated by Jon Rothschild.

Bound in buckram.

Blocked with a design by Joe McLaren.

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The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

‘A readable and entertaining mirror image of events that are as familiar in the West as fairy tales’

In August 1099, Abu -Sa’ad al-Harawi, a judge from Damascus, burst into the presence of the caliph in Baghdad, and berated him and his dignitaries for living in luxury while their fellow Muslims in Syria and Palestine were dying at the hands of Frankish invaders. With this episode, Amin Maalouf begins his exhilarating narrative history of two centuries of wars that, nearly a millennium later, continue to shape relations between the Arab world and the West.

The first major victory of the Frankish Crusaders, or Franj as they were known, was the sack of Jerusalem in 1099. After two days of bloodshed, not a single Muslim was left alive within the city walls; even the Oriental Christians were tortured to make them reveal the whereabouts of the True Cross. Yet it would take another 50 years for the Arab East to mobilise itself against the invader. The Muslim world was ruled by a loose coalition of princes and caliphs whose interests were often contradictory, with some even siding with the invaders. Maalouf describes the dreadful fall of city after city – Antioch, which was betrayed by one of its inhabitants; the siege of Tripoli, and the destruction of its priceless library; and the atrocities committed by the Franj at Ma‘arra in Turkey. He gives brilliant portraits of the Arab rulers, from Nur al-Din, the Saint- King, who began the first united defence of Muslim nations, to Saladin, the reluctant leader who first defeated the Crusaders.

Amin Maalouf is a Lebanese journalist, award winning novelist (The Rock of Tanios received the Prix Goncourt) and member of the Académie française. In a new introduction Malise Ruthven, a journalist and expert on Islamicism, reveals how the Crusades continue to affect relations between the West and the Arab world centuries later. He also praises the way Maalouf ‘uses his sources deftly, teasing out details, whether blood-curdling or morally inspiring, that bring this complex and often confusing story alive’. An invaluable chronology provides a list of key events at a glance, from the emigration of the Prophet Muhammadin 622 CE to the capture of Acre in 1291, ending 200 years of Frankish presence in the Orient.

‘Thank you for this superb Folio Society edition of my book. The binding, the choice of paper and typography, the illustrations and maps, and Malise Ruthven’s incisive introduction – all of these elements make it an edition of great value and elegance. For me as the author it is a joy and a privilege to hold it in my hands.’
Amin Maalouf - Author of The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

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Review by gilesdj on 7th Feb 2014

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"Write your review abI read this back in 2007 and I thought it was one of the best books on the Crusades I had ever read. I am very pleased to see that the Folio Society has added it to their collectio..." [read more]

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