The Travels

Marco Polo
Introduced by Nigel Cliff
Translated by Nigel Cliff

Penned from a prison cell in Genoa, Marco Polo’s fantastical first-hand account of his 25-year travels through the Mongol Empire remains the greatest travel book ever written and is now presented in a luxurious new Folio edition.

Few books can be said to have changed the world but The Travels is one of them. Despite being written nearly 800 years ago, its epic scale and accounts of near-mythical exploits have ensured its continued popularity. This exceptional new edition reproduces Nigel Cliff's meticulous and accessible translation ‘the first English translation of the original text in nearly 50 years’ as well as his compelling introduction. Essential reading for newcomers to The Travels, it will also inform and entertain those familiar with the book.

Adorned with decorative borders and chapter titles, the text is illustrated with the complete collection of 84 miniatures from the 1410 Duc de Berry manuscript housed at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. A quarter-bound buckram binding and marbled paper sides add the finishing touches to this beautiful collector's edition.

Quarter-bound in blocked buckram with textured paper sides printed with a marbled design by Jemma Lewis

Set in Centaur with Fournier Ornaments

400 pages

84 integrated colour illustrations

Plain gold slipcase

11˝ x 7¼˝

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