The Locked-Room Mysteries

The Four Just Men, The Mystery of the Yellow Room, The Hollow Man
Edgar Wallace, Gaston Leroux and John Dickson Carr
Illustrated by Mark Thomas
Introduced by Martin Edwards

The Locked-Room Mysteries set brings together three towering examples of impossible crimes, with stories by Edgar Wallace, Gaston Leroux and John Dickson Carr. This Folio edition is introduced by celebrated crime novelist and current President of the Detection Club, Martin Edwards, and is illustrated by Mark Thomas. 

More ‘howdunnits’ than ‘whodunnits’, these mysteries present crimes that are not just heinous, but also seemingly physically impossible: victims are attacked inside sealed rooms or other inaccessible places, while assailants appear to vanish into thin air. The reader is challenged to unravel the clues and solve the puzzle – before the detective can reveal the truth. This handsome collection brings together three incomparable examples of the genre.

In his introduction to the set, crime novelist and President of the Detection Club Martin Edwards discusses the fascinating history of the genre, from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ to the role of television in the resurrection of the form. Illustrator Mark Thomas adds a layer of stylish mystique to the set with a series of black and white illustrations.

Bound in blocked thermo-reactive paper 

Set in Berling with Trajan Pro display

664 pages in total

Frontispiece in each volume and 26 integrated images throughout the set

Blocked slipcase

Each volume 8¾˝ x 5½˝

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