The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

Penelope Lively
Illustrated by Pam Smy
Introduced by Penelope Lively

With a new introduction by the author, this brilliantly funny ghost story for children features integrated illustrations by artist Pam Smy.

Someone is causing havoc in East End Cottage, and for once it isn’t James. When strange scrawled notes start appearing all over his new family home in the old Oxfordshire village of Ledsham, 10-year-old James seems the obvious culprit. But only he knows the troublemaker’s true identity – Thomas Kempe, a petulant 17th-century sorcerer who has taken up residence as a poltergeist in James's new bedroom. And to make matters worse, no one will believe him. So, to avoid missing out on pocket money and pudding for the rest of his life, it will be up to James to find out why Thos. Kempe Esq., Sorcerer, has returned, and how to get rid of him.

The Ghost Of Thomas Kempe is a glorious reminder of the fun of being a boy’ 
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