The Door in the Wall

Alvin Langdon Coburn and H. G. Wells
Limited to 980 hand-numbered copies

This first ever full-sized facsimile of H. G. Wells's short stories is based on one of the extremely rare signed first editions. It matches the original binding and production, including deckled edges and tipped-in photographs.

Limited Edition

This collection exhibits Well’s flair for the uncanny and unsettling within the confines of the short story and offers a dazzling display of his range, from the intense brevity of ‘A Moonlight Fable’ (only 1,750 words long) to the expansive canvas of the novella ‘The Country of the Blind’. The edition of which this is a facsimile is now extremely rare. The images are from evocative photogravures by Alvin Langdon Coburn, the typeface was specially designed by Frederic F. Goudy and the text was set by Goudy’s wife Bertha.

160 pages
Text printed on mould-made paper with deckled fore-edges
10 plates, including a frontispiece, printed on Tatami and tipped in on two corners
Quarter-bound in cloth with paper sides; blocked in gold on front
Title label inset on spine
15˝× 11¼˝

Commentary volume
40 pages with frontispiece photograph of Wells by Coburn
Typeset in Kennerley and printed on Munken Wove
˝× 6¼˝

Presentation box
Bound in cloth, blocked in gold with photograph inset on front
16˝× 12¼˝

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