Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens
Illustrated by George Cruikshank
Introduced by Peter Ackroyd

A new addition to our Dickens collection, this tale of an orphan’s ascendance from pickpocket to squire reproduces the 1937 Nonesuch text and illustrations and is introduced by Peter Ackroyd.

Please sir, I want some more.

When the starving workhouse boys draw lots to decide who shall ask for extra gruel, Oliver pulls the short straw. One of literature’s most memorable lines, it symbolises the collective cry of Victorian London’s underclass.

The hair-raising story of a runaway orphan who swaps the horrors of the workhouse for life with a pickpocketing gang, this was the first novel with a suffering child as its central character. Oliver’s adventures introduce him to the dregs of London life, all brilliantly depicted: the odious workhouse supervisor Mr Bumble who fattens up from the deprivations of his charges; Fagin holding sway over his band of juvenile pickpockets; the impudent ‘Artful Dodger’; and violent bully Bill Sikes who skims the profits off Fagin’s enterprise and keeps kind-hearted Nancy living in fear. The graphic description of her murder at the hands of Sikes shocked at the time and the breakdown in Dickens’s health was blamed on the effort of recounting this scene during book readings.

Quarter-bound in cloth with cloth sides

Set in Arno

464 pages

23 black & white illustrations

Cloth slipcase

9½˝ x 6¼˝

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