Doctor Strange

First printing

Selected and introduced by
Roy Thomas

Let the Sorcerer Supreme guide you through a truly mind-bending collection in Doctor Strange, Folio’s fifth volume in the Marvel Heroes series. Explore another dimension of Super Hero comics by legends including Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and P. Craig Russell.

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‘Did anyone before Ditko—or after him, for that matter—ever create a more alien yet beautiful vision of sidereal worlds?’
  1. Roy Thomas, from his Introduction


Take a trip to the outer reaches of comic-book consciousness with Doctor Strange. Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts celebrates his 60th anniversary with this kaleidoscopic collection from Folio. Former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Roy Thomas selects and introduces 14 of the Sorcerer Supreme’s most dazzling exploits, created by comic-book legends including Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Brian K. Vaughan and Jason Aaron. Every tale in this truly eldritch edition has been scanned directly from original comics. It also includes a stunningly accurate replica of Strange Tales #115, the 1963 Marvel anthology in which the Doctor reveals his startling origin story. Multiple-award-winning Doctor Strange artist Marcos Martín provides original cover art for this edition, as well as designing hypnotic blue and purple endpapers, and a sulphurous yellow slipcase bearing the esoteric Super Hero’s iconic Seal of the Vishanti. Following previous volumes in Folio’s Marvel Heroes series — Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk and ThorDoctor Strange will spirit you away to some of the most bizarre corners of the Marvel Multiverse.

Bound in blocked cloth and paper printed with a design by Marcos Martín

Prelims set in Miller with Benton Sans as display

336 pages printed in 4-colour throughout

Endpapers printed with a design by Marcos Martín

Cloth slipcase blocked with a design by Marcos Martín

10½˝ x 7˝

Scale replica comic

32 pages with 4-page cover

10˝ x 7˝

© 2024 MARVEL

Created by Stan Lee and visionary artist Steve Ditko, Doctor Stephen Strange was once a gifted but conceited surgeon. His dextrous hands ruined in a car accident, Strange received both salvation and supernatural enlightenment from an enigmatic guru known only as the Ancient One. Originally featured in Strange Tales #115, this iconic origin story is included in the separate replica comic book that accompanies this collection. This stunning facsimile comes complete with vintage ads and original Silver Age back-up strips. The other classic tales selected for this collection reveal Doctor Strange as something of an occult Sherlock Holmes, complete with faithful assistant (the redoubtable Wong) and iconic real-world address (177A Bleecker Street, New York City). Steve Ditko’s hallucinogenic world was taken to ever more dizzying extremes by successive generations of artists including Gene Colan, Frank Brunner and Michael Golden, all featured in this collection. P. Craig Russell’s phenomenal Art Nouveau-style graphic novel, ‘What Is It That Disturbs You, Stephen?’ is also collected here in its entirety.

‘The Lee/Ditko pairing on Strange was a sequence of ever-spiralling triumphs, topped by Doc’s astral-energy battles with the dreaded being known as Dormammu.’
  1. Roy Thomas, from his Introduction

Armed with a crimson Cloak of Levitation and an endless array of spells at his fingertips, Doctor Strange adventures through worlds of astral projection, mind-merging and communion with cosmic entities, a phantasmagoria anchored by a vivid cast of recurring characters. In this collection, you’ll find the first named appearances of Strange’s mentor the Ancient One, as well as rival sorceress Clea. Other classic Doctor Strange characters including the evil Nightmare, the god-like Eternity and Strange’s alien apprentice Rintrah all make debut appearances. Stalwart Super Villains Baron Mordo and the dread Dormammu feature throughout, along with a guest spot from Dracula himself! Further bizarre encounters occur in the 1982 tale ‘To Have Loved… and Lost!’ in which Strange undergoes an out-of-body experience so extreme that he confronts his identity as a work of comic-book fiction. This is a universe where atmosphere and ideas triumph over earthly logic, in tales rendered by some of the most imaginative comic-book talents of all time. Doctor Strange is a spellbinding volume that literally unleashes the mystic arts of Marvel.

‘Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic!’ – Strange Tales #110 (July 1963)

‘If Eternity Should Fail!’ – Strange Tales #138 (November 1965)

‘The End—at Last!’ – Strange Tales #146 (July 1966)

‘The Power and the Pendulum’ – Doctor Strange #174 (November 1968)

‘Sise-Neg Genesis’ – Marvel Premiere #14 (March 1974)

‘To Have Loved . . . and Lost!’ – Doctor Strange #55 (October 1982)

‘To Steal the Sorcerer’s Soul!’ – Marvel Fanfare #5 (November 1982)

‘Deliver Us from Evil!’ – Doctor Strange #62 (December 1983)

‘Don’t Pay the Ferryman—!’ – Doctor Strange #80 (December 1986)

‘Souled Out!—The Faust Gambit, Part I’ – Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #5 (July 1989)

‘Dr. Strange: What Is It That Disturbs You, Stephen?’ (1997)

‘The Oath—Chapter One’ – Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 (December 2006)

‘The New Face of Magic’ – Doctor Strange #11 (November 2016)

Roy Thomas has been a writer and often editor in the comic book field since 1965, when he gravitated to Marvel to become Stan Lee’s assistant and protégé. He succeeded Stan Lee as Marvel’s editor-in-chief in 1972, and was only the second person to script a Spider-Man story. He has been at the forefront of the comics industry for much of his life and is credited with co-creating, amongst other characters, Wolverine, Vision, Carol Danvers, Ultron, Iron Fist, Red Sonja, Ghost Rider, Nighthawk, Banshee and Valkyrie. Thomas is currently editor of the fanzine Alter Ego, and in 2011 was elected to the Will Eisner Hall of Fame.

Stan Lee (1922–2018) – born Stanley Martin Lieber – was born and raised in Manhattan, the son of Romanian-Jewish immigrants. He became an assistant at Marvel’s precursor Timely Comics and was promoted to editor before he was 19. In 1961 he co-created The Fantastic Four #1 with artist Jack Kirby. The comic revitalised the Super Hero genre and helped establish the so-called Silver Age of comics. Lee went on to co-create numerous other characters including the Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and many more. He served as editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics until 1972 and has since made dozens of cameo appearances in Marvel movies. He is widely regarded as one of the key architects of the Marvel Universe.

Steve Ditko (1927–2018) was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the son of Czech immigrants. He trained under Batman artist Jerry Robinson and first worked with Stan Lee on back-up strips for Marvel’s predecessor Atlas. In 1963 Lee and Ditko’s The Amazing Spider-Man #1 launched what would become Marvel’s bestselling title. Ditko co-plotted many episodes and co-created several Super Villains, including Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin. Ditko also co-created Doctor Strange (who first appeared in 1963’s Strange Tales #110). He continued to work in comics until his retirement and was inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1990 and the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1994.


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