Mapping Shakespeare

An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Worlds Through Maps
Jeremy Black
Published by Bloomsbury

A new visual exploration of the Bard’s geographical and cultural environment. 

William Shakespeare’s lifetime (1564–1616) spanned the reign of the last of the Tudor monarchs, Elizabeth I, and the first of the Stuarts, James I. It was a period of religious and political change and the world’s greatest playwright naturally reflected the era’s shifting mores and defining events in his plays.

This beautiful new book looks at England, Europe and beyond at the time of Shakespeare through maps and illustrations that reveal the way that he and his contemporaries saw their place in the world and the universe.

The author, Jeremy Black, Professor of History at the University of Exeter, also explores the locations – both real and mythical – of Shakespeare’s plays, and looks at how the real places differed from their dramatic settings, while also discussing possible inspirations for his mythical locations.

Published by Bloomsbury

256 pages
c.600 illustrations
279mm x 240mm

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