Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Anita Loos
Illustrated by ffolkes

One of the first books in the Folio Collectables range, this glamorous edition combines Lorelei Lee's scandalous jazz-age diaries with witty drawings by ffolkes.

‘Designed to foil the devious machinations of scheming and wicked booksellers forever more’

With these deceptively simple words Lorelei Lee, a not-so-dumb blonde with a single-minded devotion to orchids, diamonds and champagne, embarks on what Edith Wharton was to call, perhaps not entirely seriously, ‘the great American novel’. Written in diary form, Lorelei Lee’s life makes for an outrageous, witty read. Capturing the carefree attitude of the glamorous jazz age, the flighty Lorelei moves from suitor to suitor, from scandalous situation to frivolous engagement, ever in search of the elusive millionaire who could provide her own happy ending.

With the help of her wise-cracking friend and protector Dorothy, Lorelei learns to spot a gentleman ‘whom you can call up at any time and ask him to go shopping and he is delighted’ at a hundred paces, dances with the Prince of Wales, and travels to Paris to enjoy ‘the Eyeful Tower’. Sharp, hilarious and undeniably endearing, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes would be immortalised by the 1953 musical starring Marilyn Monroe, and Anita Loos herself was so impressed by the success of her creation that she ended up dyeing her hair …

Perfectly glamorous in pink and gold, the Folio Collectables edition of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes features witty line drawings by ffolkes.

Bound in full blocked cloth

Set in Bodoni with Tea Biscuit display

192 pages

Frontispiece and 20 integrated black & white illustrations

Coloured page tops

Ribbon marker

9˝ x 5¾˝

Please note Folio Collectables are not slipcased.

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