Walking with Destiny
Andrew Roberts
Published by Allen Lane

One of Britain’s best-selling historians, Andrew Roberts pens a magnificently fresh and unexpected biography in Churchill: Walking with Destiny.

Winston Churchill dominates our view of the history of Britain in the 20th century. He was the brash, brave and ambitious young aristocrat who sought danger in late Victorian wars, the mercurial First Lord of the Admiralty who was responsible for the Dardanelles disaster in 1915, the Colonial Secretary who rode with T. E. Lawrence and Gertrude Bell at the Pyramids, the Chancellor who took the country back to the Gold Standard and crushed the General Strike in 1926, and the man who, finally, was summoned to save his country in 1940.

‘I felt that I was walking with destiny, and all my life had been but preparation for that hour.’

Andrew Roberts’ titanic new biography reinterprets all the events of Churchill’s long and fascinating career, especially his leadership during the Second World War, which he sees through the prism of all Churchill's earlier life. He gives full visibility to Churchill's flaws and brilliantly explains his genius. He has used over 40 collections of previously unavailable papers and he is the first Churchill biographer to be granted access by the Queen to the private diaries of George VI. Epic and vivid, with deep insights into the complexities of ‘the Greatest Briton’, this is the Churchill biography for our times.

Published by Allen Lane

1,152 pages

32 black & white illustrations


241 mm x 163 mm

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