1941: Fighting the Shadow War

How Britain and America Came Together for Victory

Marc Wortman

Published by Atlantic Books

The political and military manoeuvering of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the run-up to the Second World War.


Combining military and political history, Marc Wortman uncovers the little-known story of America’s journey to war, revealing the clandestine battles raging before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Prior to that infamous day, the United States had long been involved in a shadow war. With Britain standing alone in Europe, Winston Churchill had pleaded with Franklin D. Roosevelt for help, and in response the US President concocted ingenious ways to come to his aid without breaking the Neutrality Acts. Conducting espionage at home and in South America to root out Nazi sympathizers and waging undeclared war in the Atlantic were just two of the tactics the United States used to battle Hitler in the shadows.

At home, Roosevelt had to contend with isolationism – many Americans were sympathetic to the victims of the Nazis, but were unwilling to enter a foreign war. In this engrossing book, Wortman tells the tale through the eyes of ordinary citizens as well as powerful figures, and their stories weave throughout the intricate tapestry of events that unfolded during the crucial year of 1941.

Production details

Published by Atlantic Books


416 pages

165mm x 241mm

Illustrated with black & white photographs