The Worst Journey in the World

Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Introduced by Francis Spufford

One of the greatest books on travel and exploration ever written, this searing account of Scott’s Terra Nova expedition is introduced by Francis Spufford.

‘Polar exploration is at once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time which has been devised.’ So Apsley Cherry-Garrard recalled his experience on Scott's Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica. When he first returned, Cherry-Garrard was asked to write its official history, but it soon became clear that his often uncomfortably honest account was not going to be suitable.

While he always retains an English measure of reserve and is often very witty, Cherry-Garrard has no false heroism, no desire to make light of horror. His account of the appalling conditions when he journeyed to Cape Crozier with Birdie Bowers and Edward Wilson (the ‘worst journey’ of the title) to collect Emperor penguin eggs is unsurpassed. He evokes the bitter wind and cold; the oppressive darkness; the hunger and sleep deprivation. The month-long journey nearly cost the lives of all three men – that his two companions later perished with Scott at the South Pole haunted Cherry-Garrard for the rest of his life.

Bound in cambric grain material printed with a watercolour by Edward Adrian Wilson, 1910–11

Set in Plantin 

656 pages

Frontispiece and 32 pages of colour and black & white plates

Printed endpapers

Plain slipcase

10˝ × 6¾˝

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