The Quest for the Northwest Passage

Glyn Williams

Exclusive to Folio, this collection of first-hand accounts – compiled by one of the subject’s leading authorities – charts this epic quest through the testimony of the explorers themselves.

For over 300 years, the dream of a Northwest Passage through the Arctic archipelago was the holy grail of exploration. Countless adventurers vanished amidst its storm-blasted wastes. Those that returned brought harrowing tales of men and ships battling against hopeless odds; of icebergs that loomed like mountains, or pack ice that threatened to seize them in an inescapable grip; of unpredictable tides and strange fogs, mirages and tricks of the compass that bewildered navigators; of fleeting encounters with Inuit hunters – and of cold so fierce that, even in summer, sails and rigging froze solid. It was an impossible task. Yet, even in failure, the heroism and unrelenting fortitude of those who attempted it remains inspiring.

Bound in buckram blocked with a design by David Eccles

Set in Imprint

640 pages

Frontispiece and 36 pages of colour and black & white plates, and 8 integrated black & white illustrations

Coloured page tops

Printed map endpapers

Plain slipcase

10˝ x 6¾˝

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