The Illustrated Dust Jacket 1920–1970

Martin Salisbury
Published by Thames & Hudson

A celebration of the design and the artistry of the illustrated book jacket. 

As the ‘beautiful book’ comes back into vogue, Martin Salisbury delves into the history of the illustrated book jacket, tracing its development across the 20th century through some of the most outstanding designs of the era.

From the 1920s, as the potential for the book’s protective wrapping to be used for promotion and enticement became clear, artists and illustrators on both sides of the Atlantic applied their talents to this particular art form. Many of their designs reflect the changing visual styles and motifs of the period, including Bloomsbury, Art Deco, Modernism, postwar neo-romanticism and the Kitchen Sink School.

The author, who is Professor of Illustration at Cambridge School of Art in Anglia Ruskin University, has selected over 50 of the artists and illustrators who were active in the period 1920–70 in Britain and United States, as well as others such as Tove Jansson and Celestino Piatti, and discusses their life and work. A selection of dust jackets – both known and too long forgotten – for each artist reveals how far the book as an artefact had travelled from the days of the plain wrapper in the 19th century.

Published by Thames & Hudson
200 pages
371 illustrations
600 mm x 210 mm

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