The Hornblower Set 1: Mr Hornblower

Mr Midshipman Hornblower, Lieutenant Hornblower and Hornblower and the Hotspur
C. S. Forester
Illustrated by Joe McLaren
Introduced by Bernard Cornwell

A handsome new Folio series introduces Horatio Hornblower, C. S. Forester’s brilliant Royal Navy hero of the Napoleonic Wars, lavishly illustrated by Joe McLaren and introduced by longtime admirer Bernard Cornwell.

Thrilling sea chases and shrewd secret missions, character-forming duels and mutinous crews, the clash of cutlass against cutlass and the stifling heat of white-hot cannon shot: Cecil Scott Forester’s Hornblower Saga, which traces the career of his inimitable and much loved hero, Horatio Hornblower, captures all the excitement, danger and intrigue of life at sea as part of His Majesty’s Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.

First introduced to readers as a junior Royal Navy captain in the 1937 title The Happy Return, Hornblower rose in successive novels and short stories to reach the pinnacle of his profession as Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hornblower. But Forester’s insatiable readership clamoured for yet more tales of Hornblower’s ingenuity and courage, so Forester went back to write of his hero’s humble beginnings. This new Folio series presents, for the first time, the complete novels and short stories of the young Mr Hornblower’s early career in chronological order, following his unpromising start as a seasick 17-year-old midshipman and his first challenges in independent command.   

These tales contain all the elements for which Forester was celebrated: masterful storytelling, finely drawn characters, authentic historical detail and a keen sense of humour. Forester’s particular talents earned him many imitators, from Patrick O’Brian and Dudley Pope, to the creators of Star Trek and Bernard Cornwell, whose introductions to these volumes explore how Forester’s storylines were influenced by historical events. 

Joe McLaren, working in consultation with Brian Lavery, former curator of Maritime History at the National Museum, Greenwich, has created a series of characterful chapter-head decorations and full-page illustrations that convey the drama and spirit of Hornblower’s sea exploits, as well as more intimate portraits and naval details. Each volume also includes a number of maps first published in 1964 under Forester’s guidance that chart Hornblower’s early voyages. Dynamic binding designs, printed endpapers and a blocked slipcase complete this handsome set, perfect for naval enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a gripping adventure story, masterfully told. 

Three-quarter bound in cloth with cloth front boards printed and blocked with designs by the artist

Set in Bulmer

1,016 pages in total

15 full-page black & white integrated illustrations, 5 chapter-head decorations and 13 maps across three volumes

Printed endpapers

Printed and blocked slipcase

Each volume is 9” x 5 ¾”

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