The Folio Book of Ghost Stories

Illustrated by David McConochie
Introduced by Kathryn Hughes

A collection of blood-curdling ghost stories destined to haunt the reader, presented with spookily atmospheric illustrations by David McConochie, winner of the 2015 Book Illustration Competition.

Winner of the Moira Gemmell Illustrator of the Year and Best Book Cover awards at the 2016 V&A Illustration Awards

‘I delight in what I fear’
  1. Shirley Jackson

In this collection, newly compiled by The Folio Society, ghost stories by well-known raconteurs of the paranormal, such as Dickens and M. R. James, sit alongside a selection of tales by modern writers, all of whom use the best-loved hallmarks of the ghost story with precision: dilapidated houses and taciturn servants; creaking floorboards and mysterious figures; hair-raising sightings of beings by turns benevolent, evil or so alien as to defy comprehension. All shades of the dark are explored here, from the crawling horror of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Captain of the “Pole-Star”’ to Shirley Jackson’s pleasantly chilling ‘A Visit’. With stories from writers such as Ambrose Bierce, Vladimir Nabokov, A. S. Byatt and F. Marion Crawford, this is a collection destined to haunt its readers.

Illustrating a story where terrors are implied by a distant noise or a failing light is a unique challenge. David McConochie won the commission to illustrate this edition in the 2015 Book Illustration Competition. He has created a remarkable series of images that are both beautiful and unsettling, while journalist and historian Kathryn Hughes provides an introduction that examines the Victorian tradition and its modern-day inheritors. 

Bound in printed and blocked paper

Set in Columbus with Baker Signet display

296 pages

Frontispiece and 8 colour illustrations

Plain slipcase

˝ x 6¼˝ 

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