The Floating Admiral

The Detection Club
Illustrated by Mark Thomas
Preface by Simon Brett

Leading lights of the golden age of crime fiction, among them Agatha Christie, G. K. Chesterton and Dorothy L. Sayers, take turns weaving an inventive murder mystery.

When an old sailor is found dead in a boat on the River Whyn, the redoubtable Inspector Rudge is called in to investigate. What follows is a classic whodunnit, with a full cast of dubious characters: the twitchy vicar, the gossiping busybody, the mysterious woman – and a delicious array of tantalising clues: the vicar’s hat, the loaded revolver, the copy of last night’s newspaper in the victim’s pocket.

The novel was written by members of The Detection Club. Each author – contributing a chapter apiece – has a unique approach to the increasingly complex tale, often gleefully introducing a new twist to the story just before passing it on. As well as the ‘true’ solution provided by Anthony Berkeley (in a final chapter appropriately titled ‘Clearing up the Mess’), each contributor’s solution is included in an appendix, providing an unusual and entertaining glimpse into the methodical minds of some of our most famous crime writers.

Bound in cloth blocked with a design by the artist

Set in Joanna with Gill Sans display

272 pages

Frontispiece and 6 colour plates

Plain slipcase

9˝ x 6¼˝

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