The Duke’s Children (Special Hand-Bound Edition)

Anthony Trollope
Introduced by Joanna Trollope
480 hand-bound books from the limitation of 1,980

The hand-bound edition of The Duke’s Children. Presented in a solander box, this special copy of Trollope’s restored text is bound in leather blocked in 22-carat gold and hand-marbled on all three page edges by Jemma Lewis.

Limited Edition

This is effectively a Victorian first edition and deserves a a lavish Victorian binding. A feature which adds particular lustre to such bindings is hand-marbled page edges but these are prodigiously time-consuming to complete and not a practical choice for an edition of 1,980 copies. Jemma Lewis has embellished just 480 books from the limitation with hand-marbled edges, complemented with a full leather binding blocked in 22-carat gold, and presented in a cloth-covered box together with the commentary and line counter. 

View the standard version of The Duke’s Children.

‘This newly recovered version of The Duke’s Children reveals the book as a fully satisfying, completely realised final volume of the magnificent Palliser novels. Here, the writer is just as we would have him be, expansive, humorous, wistful, wise, as he creates this intricate and intriguing world for the last time; and at the centre is the opaque, melancholy, elusive figure of Plantagenet Palliser himself, Duke of Omnium, master of all he surveys, excepting only his children, his life and his soul. We were not told it until now, but The Duke’s Children is a great work of fiction and a great work of art’
  1. The Lord Fellowes

Special hand-bound copies

9½" x 6¼"
720 pages
Typeset in Miller
Printed on Caxton Wove
Hand-marbled endpapers by Jemma Lewis
Full-bound in Indian Goatskin
Blocked on front, back & spine in 22 carat gold
Four raised bands
Leather titling label on spine
Hand-marbled on all three page edges by Jemma Lewis
Ribbon marker


Commentary volume

9½" x 6¼"
160 pages
Frontispiece portrait of Anthony Trollope by Julia Margaret Cameron
Typeset in Miller
Printed on Caxton Wove
Endpapers printed with pages from the original manuscript
Bound in cloth blocked on front and spine
Ribbon marker

Line counter

A printed line counter is supplied, to enable easy reference to the line numbers in the commentary volume

Presentation box

Cloth-covered presentation box blocked in gold

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