The Authentic Gospel of Jesus

Geza Vermes
Preface by Geza Vermes

In this fascinating portrait of the fiery and brilliant preacher who changed the world, Vermes returns to the historical reality of Jesus and his Gospel to discover ‘the genuine message of the Galilean master’.

How, in the shadow of the Roman Empire, did a humble preacher and his followers spread his message so far and wide? Vermes returns to the preaching of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke to separate ‘the genuine message of the Galilean Master’ from the ensuing 2,000 years of theology and tradition. In so doing, he reaches the very heart of original Christian teachings and addresses many questions and misconceptions. What is the historical provenance of early Christian doctrine? How did Jesus see his own relationship to God? Was he seeking to preach only to his Jewish compatriots or was his mission to found a broader Church?

Three-quarter-bound in buckram with a paper front board printed and blocked with Christ Pantocrator, 7th-century encaustic painting 

Set in Miller

496 pages

Frontispiece and 12 pages of colour plates

Gold gilded page tops

Plain slipcase

10˝ × 6½˝

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