Tender Is the Night

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Illustrated by Glynn Boyd Harte
Introduced by Dennis Potter

A classic of the jazz age, presented in a binding that reflects the glamour and the drama of the period. This edition is introduced by the acclaimed dramatist Dennis Potter.

Dick and Nicole Diver are a couple to be envied: rich, tanned, handsome, gifted and deeply in love, they disport themselves on the newly fashionable French Riviera, gilding the lives of all around them. But the Divers’ very name foreshadows their decline; Nicole struggles with madness, and Dick, emotionally bankrupted by his efforts to cure her, begins to drink ... It is appropriate that the theme of Tender Is the Night should be most tellingly expressed by a Hollywood starlet: ‘We’re making The Grandeur that Was Rome,’ she says, ‘at least, we think we are.’

One of Fitzgerald’s greatest novels, Tender Is the Night was also his most personal. He wrote that, ‘Gatsby was a tour de force, but this is a confession of faith.’ The Divers’ story echoes both the legend and the wreck of the Fitzgeralds’ own marriage with a terrible poignancy. Fitzgerald was puzzled and hurt by the relative commercial failure of Tender Is the Night on its publication in 1934, but it is now considered a masterpiece: an elegy for a beautiful but lost generation of which Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were the glittering stars.

Bound in blocked and printed cloth

Set in Ehrhardt

320 pages

Frontispiece and 11 colour illustrations

Printed endpapers

Coloured page tops

Plain slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝

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