Sharpe’s Tiger Deluxe Edition

Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Seringapatam, 1799

Bernard Cornwell

Illustrated by Douglas Smith

Introduced by the author

Signed by Bernard Cornwell and limited to 250 copies, this deluxe Folio edition of Sharpe’s Tiger also features exquisite full-colour illustrations by Douglas Smith.


Sharpe’ Tiger Deluxe Edition

The rules were simple: trust no one, be ever watchful and if trouble came hit first and hit hard. It had worked for him so far.

To celebrate the beginning of an exciting new Folio series, Sharpe’s Tiger is exclusively available in both standard and deluxe formats. Strictly limited to 250 copies and signed by Bernard Cornwell, this special deluxe edition is a rare and irresistible treat for Sharpe fans. The enormously popular series follows the career of Richard Sharpe – soldier, rogue and all-round likeable bastard – as he fights his way through the Napoleonic Wars, and Douglas Smith’s thrilling scratchboard images are the perfect accompaniment. Crafted with advice from both Bernard Cornwell and the National Army Museum, Smith’s illustrations, like the novels, drip with action and suspense – droplets of blood are flung into the air as Sharpe is flogged, and the eponymous tiger is given a terrifying solidity as it hangs mid-pounce. The deluxe edition of Sharpe’s Tiger features six of these exquisitely crafted full-colour illustrations and two beautifully redrawn maps.

Production Details

Bound in blocked cloth

Set in Janson with Gainsborough Serif as display

384 pages

Frontispiece plus 5 full-page colour illustrations

2 maps redrawn by Kevin Freeborn

Separate limited label, signed by the author and tipped-in by hand

Blocked slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝

Into the tiger’s den

India, 1799. The great beast that is the British army makes its way steadily to the city of Seringapatam, hungry to throw down the Tippoo of Mysore and restore control to the Hindu Rajah. For Richard Sharpe, a private in the 33rd regiment, it’s a dangerous time – the odious and crafty Sergeant Hakeswill despises him and looks for any opportunity to see the upstart private flogged to death. But Sharpe soon has bigger problems ...

Following in the footsteps of Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey before him, Richard Sharpe is one of the world’s best-loved historical fiction heroes. Cornwell’s meticulous research and powerful storytelling put the reader in the centre of a fascinating period of history, while Sharpe himself is an unforgettable character; an illiterate ex-thief at the beginning of Sharpe’s Tiger, he soon shows himself to be the best of soldiers – tough, capable and able to think on his feet. As Cornwell says in his new introduction to this edition: ‘He’s a rogue, but he’s our rogue’.

About Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell, OBE, is a British author of historical novels. He studied at London University before joining the BBC, where he became the head of current affairs television in Northern Ireland. In 1979 he moved to the United States and pursued a writing career. Cornwell is best known for his ’Sharpe’ series (1981–2007), which traces the career of Richard Sharpe in the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars – a series directly inspired by C. S. Forester’s ’Hornblower’ novels. His other fiction titles include The Starbuck Chronicles (1993–6), The Warlord Chronicles (1995–7), The Grail Quest Series (2000–12), The Last Kingdom books (2004– ), Azincourt (2008) and Fools and Mortals (2017).

About Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith was born in New York City and attended the Rhode Island School of Design, earning his BFA in Illustration in 1974, having also studied sculpture, painting and printmaking. Smith moved to Boston shortly after graduation to build his freelance career. In 1992, Smith participated in the United Nations Environmental Programme’s exhibition ‘The Illustrator and the Environment’. He has drawn numerous projects for Greenpeace, including an anti-whaling children’s book and an internationally famous t-shirt design opposing the annual ‘harvest’ of harp seal pups. His honours include a Silver Award from the Society for News Design, an Award of Merit from the Society of Publication Designers, Gold and Merit awards from the Art Directors Club, and an Achievement Award from the Society for Technical Communication. He is also a frequent exhibitor at the Society of Illustrators in New York. He now lives and works on Peaks Island, Maine.


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